Exploring Future Pathways: The Shoalhaven Region High School STEM Program Begins

High school students from across the region are being given a unique insight into the construction and project management fields as part of the Shoalhaven Hospital Redevelopment’s Regional High School STEM Program.

Presented by Johnstaff and supported by Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD), Health Infrastructure and John Holland, the program aims to spark students’ curiosity and interest in a career in the construction and project management industries.

The first of four sessions was held on Tuesday 8 April 2024, and included presentations from Shoalhaven Hospital Group’s Director of Nursing and Midwifery Shanyn King, Grad Start for Shoalhaven Hospital Emergency Department Toby Streamer,  ISLHD’s Capital Works Team, Albert Vasquez and Emma Stevens, as well as presentations from Johnstaff’s Gilda Barakat and John Holland’s Lynnsey Henry.

Albert said it was great to talk to the young students and share the team’s enthusiasm for the hospital redevelopment.

“Having the opportunity to share our journeys with the future of tomorrow was very rewarding, specifically in relation to the immense job satisfaction and pride that we have in doing what we do,” he said.

Project Architects, Architectus, and quantity surveyor/cost manager firm, Genus Advisory, were also on hand to talk about their respective professions and share their experiences working on the hospital redevelopment project.

At the end of the session, students participated in a guided tour of a construction site, where they had the chance to observe the hospital redevelopment project in action.

“It was great to walk the students through the site, and give them a chance to see how all the different elements of the project are bringing the vision of the hospital redevelopment to life,” said Johnstaff’s Gilda Barakat who hosted the site walk.

“Our team at Johnstaff are committed to leaving a legacy through all the projects we deliver and are proud to partner with the redevelopment team to deliver our STEM program to the Shoalhaven region.”